Alibaba Sales Soar Amid Entertainment Growth Shrink

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[스페셜경제= Dongsu Kim] Alibaba has performed well during the last three months of 2018, clocking in at a $17 billion revenue. Where it managed to accomplish much, it also shrank much as data also indicate that the company has had to deal with a subsequent shrink in entertainment projects.

Star Online reports that the losses sustained by the company amounted to $890 million, of which $400 million had been signed off for environmental projects. This stands in stark contrast with the rest of Alibaba’s revenues, which were revealed Wednesday.

Though the company managed to grow at $4.5 billion, a whopping 33% increase from the same period last year, investment analysts said they wanted to be more cautious as the third quarter rolls in as Yahoo Finance polls show that the expectations now sit at $17.7 billion at revenue, 38% on growth, and $1.68 per share.

Up until the current situation, though, has enjoyed 10 consecutive quarters of growths notching beyond the 50% mark. 

Alibaba has had happy days too, with Single’s Day revenue becoming one of the biggest sales events that Alibaba has put out. Alibaba President Michael Evans shares Star Online that the company has been dealing with the continuous state of the Chinese economy, which, as everyone knows is in a slowdown.

Aside from Single’s Day, Alibaba has also managed to pursue prospects of international expansion, as evidenced by the 93% of revenues springing from China. Alibaba has also done well in other diversification methods, primarily its foray into e-commerce and cloud computing.

Now the target, says CEO Daniel Zhang, for Alibaba in the coming Chinese New Year holidays will be focused on “greater group synergies.”

Zhang says, "We aim to provide a wide range of services to our consumers. We regard (digital entertainment) as very important for the prosperity of our ecosystem."

알리바바, 예상 뛰어넘는 실적 내 화제..지난해 동기 대비 51% 증가

[스페셜경제= 김동수 기자] 중국 최대 전자상거래 업체 알리바바가 클라우드 서비스 부문의 성장에 힘입어 올해 1분기 시장의 예상을 뛰어넘는 실적을 냈다.

블룸버그통신 등은 알리바바의 1분기 매출액이 935억 위안(약 16조 원)으로 시장 예상치(915억 8,000만 위안)을 웃돌며 지난해 동기 대비 51% 증가했다고 보도했다.

알리바바는 2020년 회계연도(2019년 4월~2020년 3월) 매출이 5,000억위안(약 86조 원)을 넘을 것으로 전망했다.

현실화한다면 일년 사이 매출이 33% 늘게 된다. 2019 회계연도(2018년 4월~2019년 3월) 기준 매출은 3,768억 위안을 기록했다.

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