Nicola Zingaretti Snags 67% Of Votes for Democratic Head Position; Proves Strength of the Party

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[스페셜경제= Dongsu Kim] Thankful and elated, Nicola Zingaretti, president of Italy’s Lazio region, has thanked the 1.6 million party supporters that made it possible for him and the Democratic party to pass muster with the Italian people.

The Guardian reports that such an achievement was a big deal for the party mainly because the Democratic party has long been believed to lose touch with the voters. Whereas this win not only proved that assumption can still be turned on its head, but that the Italian populace is still ready to give the party a chance to remain credible in Italy’s current populist government.

As for the Democratic party, their biggest concern is actually the wider far-right movement that Rome professor Mauro Valorani says has been “building across Europe” and is now growing at an alarmingly fast and better organised way.

Zingaretti, who has campaigned to bring back the essence of democracy in the country, said as he won 67% of the votes that this was his chance to serve and ensure that Italy stays on the right political course, and, if possible, learn lessons “whenever it can.”

Such was the state of the Italian government that even former prime minister Matteo Renzi was also on the side of Zingaretti and the Democratic party, congratulating Zingaretti’s win for being an obvious clear-cut win. As Zingaretti won, Renzi’s message became an imploration to Italians to halt with the friendly fire.

“Our political opponents are not at home but in the government,” he added.

Going forward, though, it still looks like Zingaretti taking home the win is still just a minor victory for the Democratic party, which still seems to have an uphill battle ahead of them. The Democratic party is at least sure in the fact that the goal now is to make sure that the party becomes a desirable and strong alternative if it hopes to achieve its goal to unite just before European elections come May.

이탈리아 중도좌파 민주당, 니콜라 진가레티 주지사 新 대표로 선출해

[스페셜경제= 김동수 기자] 이탈리아 중도좌파 민주당(PD)이 라치오 주의 니콜라 진가레티 주지사를 새로운 대표로 선출했다. 당원 160만 명이 참여한 전당대회에서 진가레티는 67%의 득표율로 대표에 올랐다.

이례적으로 많은 당원의 참여도 눈길을 끌었다. 가디언은 작년 3월 정권을 빼앗긴 민주당을 이탈리아 포퓰리즘에 대항할 세력으로 구축하겠다는 당원들의 희망이 담긴 투표였다고 설명하기도 했다.

진가레티는 당선 후 "늘 내게 교훈을 주는, 이탈리아 민주당이여 영원하여라"고 소감을 밝혔다.

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