Golden Globe Names Sandra Oh, Andy Samberg as Awards Show Hosts

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[스페셜경제= Dongsu Kim] Organizers of the prestigious Golden Globe Awards announced on Wednesday that Canadian actress Sandra Oh and American comedian Andy Amberg will be the host for the upcoming awards show in January 2019.

Reuters reported that the two celebrities will co-host the Golden Globes, which will honor both television and film, for the first time. Nominees for the prestigious awards will be made public on Thursday and the official ceremony will be aired on NBC as it commences in the luxurious Beverly Hills, California on January 6th.

The awards show is chosen by members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and is the first major ceremony for Hollywood's awards season, which will peak at the Oscars on February 24th.

Oh is well-known for her previous role in the television hospital drama "Grey's Anatomy," and is now one of the lead cast in BBC America's celebrated murder-mystery series "Killing Eve." She also became the first woman of Asian descent to be an Emmy nominee as a lead drama actress.

Meanwhile, Samberg is a former cast member of "Saturday Night Live," and also a previous Golden Globe winner for TV comedy series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

The two celebrities were applauded for their chemistry as they were presenting at the Emmy Awards for television in September this year. Paul Telegdy and George Cheeks, co-chairmen of NBC Entertainment, said in a statement that Oh and Samberg will be able to "bring wit, charm, and style" as they present in a hall filled with the most renowned people of film and television.

The duo was named as the Golden Globe hosts a day after African-American comedian Kevin Hart was announced as a first-time host of the 2019 Academy Awards. Organizers of TV and movie awards shows were under fire in recent years to diversify ceremony hosts, as well as include more women and people of color in their roster of nominees.

한국계 캐나다 배우 샌드라 오, 제76회 골든글로브 시상식 사회자·여우주연상 '겹경사'

[스페셜경제= 김동수 기자] 한국계 캐나다 배우 샌드라 오(47)가 새로운 역사를 썼다. 미국 베벌리힐스에서 열린 제76회 골든글로브 시상식에서 아시아인 최초로 사회를 본 그는 TV 드라마 부문에서 여우주연상도 거머쥐었다.

샌드라 오의 파트너는 지난해 에미상 시상식에서 함께 사회를 맡아 찰떡 호흡을 보여준 코미디언 앤디 샘버그였다. 샌드라 오는 시상식을 시작하며 “솔직히 이 무대에 서는 것이 두려웠지만 여러분과 만나 ‘변화’의 순간을 목격하고 싶었다”며 “여러분이 변화의 얼굴이고, 이제 다른 모든 사람도 보게 될 것”이라고 소감을 전했다.

또한 샌드라오 는 이날 TV 드라마 부문 여우주연상을 수상하는 기쁨도 누렸다. 영국 MI5 요원 이브 폴래스트리 역을 맡아 절정의 연기력을 뽐내며 줄리아 로버츠, 메기 질렌할, 엘리자베스 모스 등 쟁쟁한 경쟁자들을 물리쳤다.

아시아계가 TV 드라마 부문에서 여우주연상을 받은 것은 1981년 ‘쇼군’의 배우 요코 시마다 이후 38년 만이다.

한편 그는 ‘그레이 아나토미’를 통해 이름을 알리기 시작했다.

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