Pizza Hut Execs Unhappy With Sales Growth, Brand has ‘A Lot of Work to Do’

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[스페셜경제= Dongsu Kim] Pizza Hut US President Artie Starrs said he is "dissatisfied" with the pizza maker's growth, saying that the brand has "a lot of work to do" during the Yum's investor day on Wednesday.

The president explains that Pizza Hut's major problem is perception, saying most of its customers do not associate the business with delivery. Many think about ordering pizza and carrying it out or staying in the establishment to consume it. Starrs said the frontage of its locations augments this notion, which does little to help attract diners.

A CNBC report states the pizza chain has taken efforts to increase sales and the number of people dining in their restaurants. Its parent company even confined to an investment deal worth $130 million last year to improve its equipment, technology, and ramp up the company's advertising. Pizza Hut also scored a new partnership with the National Football League, but even then the pizza chain fails to spark a successful rebound.

The company has built up its value offerings and begun marketing more heavily, especially when there are football games since it became the NFL's official pizza sponsor earlier this year. Pizza Hut is also working on upgrading its digital platforms so that it will be easier to order through online or mobile devices.

However, the methods failed to achieve the exact goal that executives were aiming for. In the recent quarter, same-store sales dropped 1 percent for the brand as it persists on the trend of a lackluster growth.

The current percentage of its sales in the country is at 55 percent which came from digital orders, while 10 percent came from customers who dined in their establishments. Pizza Hut has only entered the delivery game recently, but it plans to make this option, along with mobile choices, more clear for its customers by means of advertisements and remodeling of stores.


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같은 기간 경쟁사들의 실적 추이는 피자헛과 반대 양상을 보이거나 비교적 약한 감소세를 보였다. 도미노피자를 운영하는 외식업체 청오디피케이의 매출액은 2013년 1,591억원에서 2017년 2198억원으로 4년새 38.2% 증가했다. 같은 기간 미스터피자 운영사 MP그룹의 피자사업부문 매출액은 1,419억원에서 49.9% 감소한 711억원으로 집계됐다. 

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영업손실 규모가 2015년 207억원으로 전년(7억원) 대비 30배 가까이 악화한 현상은 가맹점 전환의 여파라는 것이 본사 설명이지만 이엔 의문부호가 붙는다. 통상 가맹점으로 전환하는 과정에서 예비 점주로부터 가맹비 등을 지급받아 이익이 발생할 개연성이 존재하지만 피자헛은 반대 양상을 보였기 때문이다. 피자헛은 이에 대해 구체적인 사유를 밝히지 않았다. 

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