Ashley Judd Calls Out Harvey Weinstein--But It Was Dismissed

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[스페셜경제= Dongsu Kim] Ashley Judd has come forward with an accusation against Harvey Weinstein, which adds up to previous accusations that other women in Hollywood had also made against him, but while their accusations are being taken more seriously, Judd’s had been dismissed.

Entertainment Online reports that while Ashley Judd had made the sexual harassment claim, it was Weinstein’s attorney, Phyllis Kupferstein who stepped forward and dispelled the claim. According to Weinstein’s camp as represented by Kupferstein, the claim was “unjustified”.

Kupferstein also expressed his gratitude that the claim had also been dismissed at court, citing that Weinstein’s camp was adamant to “prevail on her remaining claims.” But even though the Weinstein camp is pushing back, Judd remains firm.

In a statement released to TMZ by Judd’s lawyer, Theodore J. Boutrous, Jr., Judd’s claim will move forward, along with many others. The full statement read:

“The court today dismissed only one of Ms. Judd’s four claims for relief. In doing so, it made clear that it was not determining whether Ms. Judd was sexually harassed in the colloquial sense of the term. It even acknowledged that the common meaning of the words in the statute would encompass her professional relationship with Mr. Weinstein. Nevertheless, the court ruled that the statute does not apply here. While we respectfully disagree with the court’s decision as to the one claim it ruled on today, we look forward to pursuing the three claims for relief that the court has already ruled can move forward.”

Her claims are only strengthened by other lawsuits she had filed earlier last year, when in April 2018 she filed a lawsuit against Weinstein, who was her then producer, saying that he was the one that had contributed to the damage in her career when she had rejected his sexual advances.

美 배우 애슐리 쥬드, 영화제작자 와인스타인 상대로 '미투' 소송했으나 기각당해

[스페셜경제= 김동수 기자] 배우 애슐리 주드가 할리우드 유명 영화제작자 하비 와인스타인을 상대로 제기한 성희롱 소송이 기각됐다. 이 소송은 전세계적 성폭력 저항 운동 '미투'(Me Too·나도 고발한다)의 시발점으로 평가돼왔다.

미국 뉴욕타임스, 로이터통신 등에 따르면 필립 구티에레즈 로스앤젤레스 연방판사는 "캘리포니아 주법 적용 대상이 아니다"라며 이같이 판결했다. 다만 "명예훼손이나 불공정행위 혐의에 연루된 와인스타인의 다른 소송을 종결시킨 것은 아니다"라고 덧붙였다.

앞서 주드는 2017년 10월 와인스타인이 성희롱 및 원치 않은 신체 접촉을 저질렀다고 폭로했다. 이어 주드는 지난해 4월 와인스타인을 '비즈니스, 서비스 또는 직업적 관계'에 있는 사람과의 성희롱을 금지하는 캘리포니아 법을 위반한 혐의로 고소했다.

주드는 소를 제기하며 "1997년 와인스타인이 사업 논의를 구실로 불러 호텔 방에서 성희롱했다"며 "내가 성적 요구를 거절하자 와인스타인은 '반지의 제왕' 감독 피터 잭슨에게 근거 없는 뒷말을 해 캐스팅되지 않도록 복수했다"고 주장했다. 

하지만 로스앤젤레스 연방법원은 여배우와 영화제작자인 주드와 와인스타인 사이의 관계가 '비즈니스, 서비스 또는 직업적 관계'에 있는 사람과의 성희롱을 금지하는 캘리포니아 법에 적용되지 않는다고 봤다.

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