Oscar Árias Denies Sexual Assault Allegations

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[스페셜경제= Dongsu Kim] Costa Rican former president Oscar Árias has been involved in a sexual assault scandal, which he promptly denied, saying that “he has never acted against the will of any woman and has fought for gender equality during his career.”

In a report from The Guardian, Árias, who was also a Nobel peace prize laureate, was accused of a sexual assault complaint from a nuclear disarmament activist. According to the complainant, the woman said that it was on December 1st, 2014 that the incident occurred.

The woman spoke up on the publication “Semanario Universidad” and said that while she was at the ex-president’s house in San Jose, Árias had “grabbed her from behind, touched her breasts, began to kiss her and penetrated her with his fingers.”

As this was happening, the woman had told Árias to stop, reminding him that “he was a married man.” She said Árias had merely told her to stay in the office after he had felt her up.

Thirty at the time, the woman begged an adviser in the building to let her leave and go to the national assembly during the time that Árias had left, afraid that if she did not hurry, Árias would get back any second.

For their part, Semanario Universidad released a partial image of the criminal complaint. Meanwhile, the Associated Press managed to reach the prosecutor’s office for a comment, to which the office confirmed that they did receive a complaint with a person with the last name Árias, but there had been a law that prevented them from being able to make that information public.

Árias responded to the accusation, denying the incident outright and maintaining that he had been promoting gender equality since he considers it “an indispensable means to achieve a more just and equitable society for all people.”

오스카르 아리아스 前 코스타리카 대통령, 잇따라 성추행 고소 당해

[스페셜경제= 김동수 기자] 최근 노벨평화상을 수상한 오스카르 아리아스(78) 전 코스타리카 대통령에게 성폭행 또는 성추행을 당했다는 여성들의 폭로가 이어지고 있다.

로이터 통신 등에 따르면 미스 코스타리카 출신 야스민 모랄레스는 아리아스 전 대통령을 성추행 혐의로 고소했다.

모랄레스는 2015년 아리아스 전 대통령의 자택에서 성추행을 당했다고 주장했다.

아리아스 전 대통령이 당시 소셜미디어를 통해 자신에게 책을 주겠다며 집으로 초대했고, 이 자리에서 자신의 신체 일부를 만지거나 동의 없이 입맞춤했다고 전했다. 

앞서 아리아스 전 대통령은 지난 2014년 12월 1일 핵군축 활동가인 알렉산드라 아르세 본 에롤드를 성폭행하려 한 혐의로 지난 4일 피소됐다.   

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